How to protect young tree saplings by fencing

While fencing there two kinds of wires that are being used barbed wire and blade wire. These kinds of wires help in creating a fence that protects the land or the site from grazing or trespassers.

Barbed wire – These are sharp wires and heavy in weight.

Blade wire – Its razor sharp, it is not handled much because of its sharpness that can cut hands easily. These wires are lighter in weight but are deadly, if injured it can lead to severe wound.

Preparation process of the fence is as follow:-

1. The barbed and blade wires are initially fixed in a 7ft long thick bamboo and ensure that the bamboo is secured tightly.

2. Ensure that these bamboo poles are placed at 10-12 ft of distance.

3. Between these thick 7ft tall bamboos 5 layer fencing is done with the blade and barbed wire.

4. These bamboos are of 5ft height and are placed at a distance of 1-1.5 ft that supports the wires.

5. All the 5 wires are binded to these bamboos with aluminum binding wires.

None of the poles should have more gap as whenever pressure falls these may get fallen as well. This is the most effective fencing wherein goats, calves of cows, buffalos are restrained from entering securing the site from any damage.