Healthy forest plantation

Tree plantation is something very important. With change in climate, water scarcity we all need to do our bit by planting more and more trees. While we are planting trees if we go theoretically then tree plantation should take place with gaps. Plants should be planted at a distance of 6-8 mts is something that is universally taught. However forests don’t have any geometry.

When forests were made either natural or manmade there was no geometry followed. Jungles or forest always look good when they are wild and asymmetric. Forests always grow under the soil and never over it. What we get to see is just like the tip of ice berg. It is important for them to be together because:-

  • Trees and plants are like joint family the closer they are the more they provide strength and give nutrition to one another.
  • They exchange water, nutrient elements & chemicals with which they can sustain.

Planting different varieties of plants like tulsi, marigold together is one pot is also a kind of principle of forest and right thing to do. We plant everything together and whatever the nature wants to keep will be kept and rest will be disposed. With nature we must not show our godliness. Let the nature take over and choose by itself. When we start controlling the nature too much the natural romance of the greenery of that place is lost.

While the super power that runs the entire cosmic energy lets the nature choose the best, all that we have to do is plant the saplings and just look after them with love and affection. While taking care we must give them enough manure, water, security and replacement if required. Overall the closer are the plants the healthier they will be.