How to plant Banyan trees by stem cutting

Banyan tree can also be propagated through stem cutting however there is a golden rule and that is a pencil. The dimensions of stem in terms of thickness and height should be like a pencil only. The stem should have brown wood and should be woody and not as fresh as green in color.

Follow simple steps and plant the Banyan through stem cutting:-

  1. Take the stem and cut it from both the ends
  2. Plant it in any pot with soil and manure.
  3. Along with the stem you can also plant companion plants so that the roots get company and the plant is not alone.

By following these easy steps within 3 months you will notice the plant growing. While taking the stem ensure that the stem is not very old. It should be young but should have wooded part with numerous nodes on it and the best ones are the ones which have small leaves on the edge on top. If we take green stem it is too young and will not germinate.

It is very important that the stem has nodes basically from where roots will start growing and leaves as well will germinate. If such stem is taken the rooting process is very quick and leaves also start developing into canopy. So two best ways to plant banyan is

  1. Stem cutting
  2. The rule of pencil

With the easy two thumb rules we can plant the National Tree of India which our country really needs at this point of time with numerous benefits that it holds.