How to plant a sapling?

There are not many things that are more rewarding than planting a tree sapling. Planting a young tree is an investment in the hope of the future. They beautify the landscape, provide shade from the sun, produce oxygen and invite essential bees and birds to the area. Planting a sapling is like giving a new direction to a tender and soft life. A well-planted sapling can result in a healthy plant. By following simple steps one can easily plant sapling perfectly:

Handling saplings

  • Do not plant in the heat of the day, late afternoon is best.
  • Handle saplings with care, it is important to ensure the roots are kept intact and that the leaves are not damaged.


  • Add some manure to the soil and mix both well.
  • Put this mixture in the nursery bag or planter filling it halfway through.
  • Fix the plant in the soil well
  • Add more mixture to the planter or bag
  • Gently tab the bag or planter on the ground allowing the soil to settle.


  • The more water you give to the sapling the better.
  • Water late in the afternoon or early in the morning.

Maintenance and Care

  • Keep the nursery bag or planter at a place where it is not disturbed for at least 4 weeks
  • When the sapling has grown up to 1 feet height take it out and plant it at an appropriate place.

See your tree grow!