Fertilizers and Pesticides should be banned

The agro fertilizers and pesticide industry has shown tremendous growth over the last two decades. The farmers are blindly using them to increase their yield without giving a thought to the environmental damages these chemicals are causing. Although the industries try to give an explanation of the chemicals used and sway the farmers to use them. I feel that the poison cannot be justified in any way.

The harmful chemicals present in the pesticides are affecting nature badly. Although the pesticides are sprayed on plants, they can make their way into land and water sources and ultimately to the human system. The chemicals contaminate the soil, change its composition and texture and ultimately reaches water sources by runoff affecting the aquatic flora and fauna. Pesticides are also harmful to people’s health.

The natural way of farming which had been going on for ages was perfect and most suited. However, by seeing the western culture and inflow of modernization we have adapted these new changes which are doing no good. Government and scientists can together work and initiate natural farming and regenerate them which can solve many issues of our country.

The solution which I feel should be implemented to stop the use of chemical fertilizers is establishing a concrete committee or convention on an international level that can make firm laws for all the nations to stop the production of chemical fertilizers and use the same facilities for the production of organic manure so that dynamics and the employment sector of the industry doesn’t get affected. As a result, no one will face any losses and the benefits will increase many folds. Also creating awareness at the ground level is very important as the farmers are ignorant about the harmful effects of the pesticides and the merits of using organic products. This issue is equally alarming and should be taken into immediate consideration.