Be loving to animals that eat your food

One animal that is most commonly seen visiting our terraces is the monkey. Monkeys often come in search of food in our terraces. People try to chase them away by beating them with sticks or firing crackers at them. One should understand that it’s not the monkeys invading our spaces but we who invaded their space first. We have built our homes and cities in places which used to be dense forests. We have taken over their homes and built our own houses there.

If you have a terrace garden or a kitchen garden and monkeys are visiting our house and eating some of your produce, then instead of getting irritated, you should feel blessed that in a way who have fed a creature.

Not only monkeys, if insects, animals, caterpillars also come and eat 20% of your vegetation and produce then don’t get disheartened. We should learn to share this world with others.

And others here not only mean the fellow human beings but millions of other species who lived on this planet before us and have an equal right on this planet and its resources.