Indoor plants are not nature’s creation but a human concept

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor plants? This is a very common question many people wish to find an answer to. We need to understand one thing that the concept of an indoor plant is a brainchild of humans. When God made the planet, the jungles, rivers, mountains, fields he never thought about the concept of indoor plants. This notion is completely driven by the needs and desires of human beings.

There is no denying the fact that growing indoor plants is a good thing in today’s scenario. With the growing urban spaces, coming up with innovative ideas to keep up the greenery is an absolute necessity. But the actuality of this concept should also be clear.

The indoor plants are normal outdoor plants that need less sunlight, prefer growing in shade or can thrive without water for days. Plants variably differ based on the sunlight, water, temperature or humidity they need. Many plants are growing on the forest floor under the dense canopy of trees requiring a little sunlight to thrive. Others can be found growing in dry, desert conditions demanding a very little amount of water. People then find such plants as ideal indoor plants and start displaying them in that way.

The most common indoor plants nowadays are Snake plant, Peace lily, Spider plant, Money plant, Areca Palm and many succulents. These plants require less sunlight, water and human care. Indoor plants are getting more and more trendy these days. Every plant has its climatic condition in which it survives but what we do is, place them in a beautiful ceramic planter and call them indoor plants. We desire them to grow in tube light illumination, somehow keep them alive by adding water, coco peat and medicines to them. People are normally keeping indoor plants to enhance the aesthetic values of their indoors and also because many indoor plants have the proven ability to absorb the pollutants present inside.

The concept of indoor plants is not inappropriate. Any way that enhances greenery is a good initiative. If we are not coming outdoor then at least doing this is a positive thought in its way.